Real Estate Videography

Video is selling more real real-estate than any other marketing tool out there.  The mass of the population starts there search on the web.   If you are a realtor that wants to stand out, then you need to be doing video.  When I say video, I mean video done right.  So many out there are creating video like a slide show with music in the background.  Fact, the average viewer on YouTube watches only 10 seconds before going to the next video. This means we have 10 seconds to catch the buyer’s  attention before going on to the next.   When video done right, it’s easy for the buyer to sit back and enjoy all your listings.

Is video expensive?

Some people might think in getting a professional video done might be expensive, but when comparing to what is spent on print, radio, tv, billboards, flyers, benches, and others.  Online video marketing is a bargain.  Video tours for your listings are starting at only $225.

How will video help my current website?

Google and other search engines are now ranking keywords attached to your videos.  This will help keep your website ranked higher than the competitor.

How to market your video?

There are many ways to market your video-home tours. YouTube and Social media is probably the easiest and fastest way to market.  With millions of people watching YouTube and people linked into your social media pages, there is no-doubt your video will be seen.  There are many ways to work your video, but these are definitely the easiest and least expensive.