Video Promotion


Video Production

  • The video must captivate your target

    audience within the first 5 seconds

    or the viewer will choose to skip it.

  • Encourage viewers to act within 30

    seconds by clicking through to

    your website.

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Video Promotion

  • Target specific regions, viewer

    demographics or interests.

  • More cost effective than radio &

    television – you only pay per view

    and viewers can click straight through

    to your website.

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  • Your website will receive visitors from the video, make sure your conversion points

    are optimized.

  • Maintain a consistent message from the video straight through to the website.
[/threecol_one_last] [divider_flat] [quote style=”boxed”]Our online video advertising campaign was an overwhelming success. In fact, as a result of that campaign’s results, video advertising has become a significant player in our marketing strategy.

-Katie Balkwill, Regional Manager  –  Big White & Silver Star Ski Resorts[/quote] [divider_flat] [twocol_one]




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